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Ground Transportation Road  : Between the main cities of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. We own structure in the countries of Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru Airlift

 - Conducted between Brazil and all South American countries: Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela.

Now in the process of expanding our services with expansion units suitable for Central America, North America.

Europe and China to conduct multimodal road - air.

Rail Transport : Our company specializes in Multimodal transportation inside and outside Brazil at the national and international having access to the main rail  networks in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.

Maritime Transport : Solid experience in the transport of refrigerated cargo, dry cargo, liquid, and hazardous cargo, we have strong partnerships with leading ship owners operating in the region and charter ship in bulk (Bulk).

We performed transport trucks and buses running on their own, freight and special excess weight and dimensions. As well as fragile loads that require trucks with air


Customs Transit cargoes arriving from Brazil and for Brazil
Transportation and customs brokers export / import, temporary maintenance, repairs or exhibitions.

The transport operations mentioned require us to be able to:
Indicate the route that suits the need of the time and cost of the customer.

Clarify fees, taxes and other costs extra - transport.
Analyze the type of loading and packing more appropriate.
Contract with All Risk insurance subrogation, we note that for
Brazilian exporters, this meant the reduction of insurance that was
Analyze the type of transaction and INCOTERMS export / import. Tel. 55 11 2503 0241 Tel. 55 11 3297-9201 51-1-7122786

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